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Mark McLean For State Representative

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Dear Friend,

I'm Mark McLean, and I'm running for State Representative in the upcoming Special Election for District 44.  Over 20 years ago, when I first came to America as a young engineering graduate student, I immediately fell in love with the energy, vitality, and opportunity this nation has to offer.  I've cherished being a part of this great country ever since.

An ailing General John Stark once wrote, "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." In New Hampshire, those words have become our motto.  We're extremely lucky to live in a state as unique as ours, and I want to keep that uniqueness; for myself, my community, and for those who come after me.  At times that may seem hard to do, but I truly believe in the people of this state.  People here have an incredible history of engagement that other states can only marvel at.

I have always believed that New Hampshire's citizen-based legislature is one of our greatest strengths.  While it's true that the government plays a vital role in the society we all enjoy, it is incumbent on all of us to insure that it understands that role and does not exceed it.  I see the pressure to spend the people's money continuing to grow, and I understand that the prudent use of our financial resources is essential if we want to avoid a broad based income or sales tax and all the baggage that come with it.

I see our young people leaving in large numbers to seek opportunities elsewhere.  Businesses that might provide opportunity often move on when they encounter our high business taxes, high energy costs, and unfriendly regulatory climate.  These problems are tough, but they can be fixed if only the will can be found to do so.  Adding to this, we all know that our challenges don't stop with business and the budget; security threats are magnified, the framework for educating our children is under debate, and the entire state is fully engaged in fighting a tough drug addiction crisis.

The last 20 years of my life have been spent working hard in the manufacturing sector.  I know that for New Hampshire to continue to succeed it must be able to compete with the best that's out there.  I believe it can.  As a former representative I supported reducing business regulations and taxes, enhancing school choice, implementing drug courts, and sensible reforms to the ID system in New Hampshire.    We need to continue to push in these areas, and we urgently need to develop a more focused plan to address our ongoing energy woes.  I believe our efforts in this area have thus far lacked the cohesion needed for success, and I will strongly advocate for the formation of an energy task force to gather all the stakeholders together to move forward in a more unified direction.

I want to return to Concord to be your voice for restraint.  I want to preserve personal freedoms, and help create an environment that will provide the potential for all the citizens of this state to succeed.  Hopefully, with your vote, I'll have the opportunity to do just that.

Warmest Regards,