Dear Friend,

​​I'm Mark McLean, and I'm running for re-election as your State Representative in Hillsborough District 15.  During my five terms in the New Hampshire House I have consistently fought to maintain openness in government, and support policies that allow the businesses and citizens of this state to thrive.

I have always believed that New Hampshire's citizen-based legislature is one of our greatest strengths.  While it's true that the government plays a vital role in the society we all enjoy, it is incumbent on all of us to insure that it understands that role and does not exceed it.  I see the pressure to spend the people's money continuing to grow, and I understand that the prudent use of our financial resources is essential if we want to avoid a broad-based income or sales tax and all the baggage that comes with it.

Throughout my tenure I’ve pushed hard to chisel away at any barriers that might hold our state back.  Things like excessive regulations, high energy and healthcare costs, and concerns about maintaining a strong workforce.  To that end, I’ve sponsored and championed legislation to improve transparency relative to both energy and healthcare costs, and I’ve been a loud voice in calling for cutting regulations and the rules around licensure.  These efforts have produced an economy that is amongst the top in the country even after the blows dealt by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the last term we continued to slash regulations and chisel away at businesses taxes.  Happily, the interest and dividends tax is now on a rapid glide path to extinction!  I believe that now is the time to redouble our efforts to address crime, mental health, and the housing shortage.  I've long maintained support for the police and sensible bail reform while continuing to be a firm voice for accountability.  I've also been a strong advocate of the housing appeals board as a mechanism to help ease our shortfall in housing, and I believe that the creation of a dedicated land use docket within the superior court is another tool we will need to help deal with the situation. 

The majority of the last 30 years of my life have been spent working hard in the manufacturing sector.  I know that for New Hampshire to continue to succeed it must go forward with a clear and confident plan that allows us to be able to compete with the best that's out there.  I believe we're doing just that.  I want to return to Concord to continue to be your voice for restraint.  I want to preserve personal freedoms, and help create an environment that will provide the potential for all the citizens of this state to succeed.

Warmest Regards,